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We are a certified salon of Great Lengths 100% Human Hair Extensions, which are used by some of the most famous celebrities in the world, such as Jennifer Aniston, Cheryl Cole, Katie Price and Victoria Beckham.

Great Lengths hair extensions can be used for volumising, lengthening, colouring or simply adding texture; your Great Lengths certified stylist will offer a free consultation guiding you through your new style.

Whether creating a new look, following fashion or with a special occasion on the horizon. Great Lengths hair extensions have over 55 colours to choose from and blend with your own hair for perfect colour matches.

Hair Extensions

We are a certified salon of Great Lengths 100% Human Hair Extensions

The dream of many women:

To have long natural hair that is strong manageable and full of vitality

How long will your dream take?

Human hair grows about 1cm per month and therefore to have natural long hair could take over 5 years to grow. Now thanks to Great Lengths, you have hair up to 70cms in length within a few hours!

Is there any better feeling than running your fingers through your hair feeling the strength and body that you always dreamed of? The Great Lengths philosophy is to help women with fine or little hair to create the thickness and volume they always wanted. It’s as simple as changing your colour!

With Great Lengths you can achieve the impossible and there are really no limits with what you can do with your hair. Holidays by the sea, swimming, dancing, keeping fit,playing tennis or skiing ... If you regularly take care of your hair and your extensions, your lifestyle will be trouble free.

Free consultation with no obligation to book

Where does Great Lengths hair come from?
This question is posed by woman all around the world who are considering hair extensions and their ethicality. We are justifiably dubious about the origin of the hair used for the majority of extensions. Most companies cannot guarantee the origin, quality, or tractability of their hair as it is usually purchased from a third party and not sourced directly by the extensions company.

Great Lengths, however, offers the highest quality, 100% real human hair, that is 100% guaranteed ethical. Unlike all other extension brands available in the UK, the company sources and processes every single strand, meaning they absolutely guarantee the origin, journey, and treatment of the hair. Great Lengths hair is 100% traceable, making it completely unique in the extensions industry.

Great Lengths source their hair from the Hindu Indian temple Tirumala, where the traditional religious ceremony 'tonsuring' is carried out. Entire families (men, woman, children, grandparents) make the pilgrimage to the temple to have their hair shaven off as an offer of thanksgiving that is completely voluntary and often takes place before or after a momentous, joyful event. 
The hair is then legitimately sold to Great Lengths and a full time Great Lengths employee based in India ensures that the money which is given to the Temple is funneled directly back into the local community to fund medical aid, education systems, and other crucial infrastructure projects. Great Lengths takes every measure to ensure the sourcing, purchasing, and processing of the hair are ethical and transparent. They are the only extensions company to employ a full time team member in India to ensure their exacting standards and ethical policies are upheld.
The Sanctuary Hair & Beauty Spa
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